We specialize in heat-resistant insulators and fire-resistant insulants.

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In the Japanese electronics industry, Usually use to “MICA”. You might have heard terms such as bronze mica (phlogopite), white mica (muscovite), or black mica (biotite).

Mica provides excellent electrical insulation and heat resistance, and has been used as the insulation material for electronic equipment for a long time. It is a very important material in terms of improving the reliability of electronic equipment.


Mica products are very useful for preventing fire spread on products, and for supports plates and reinforced plates that require heat-resistant insulators.

Mica tape
Made by bonding reinforcement materials on one or both sides of mica paper with various types of adhesives.
Mica plate
Widely used in electrical/electronic fields all over the world, due to its properties that cause little smoke or odor under high temperature and also it is easily-worked.
Apart from the condition of mica board, we can also meet your requests such as Grinding/Shape into a shape that will fit directly onto the electrical equipment.