We specialize in heat-resistant insulators and fire-resistant insulants.

Environmental Policy

Okabe Mica Co., Ltd has obtained the certification of ISO14001 which is an international standard for environmental management system.

Under the following policy, we will place environmental issues as one of the top priorities in our management, and act towards preserving the environment through all types of business activities.

Details of certification

Certification standard ISO 14001:2015 / JIS Q 14001:2015
Scope of certification Manufacture of electrical insulators and related products
Certified sites H/O&NakamaFactory/Miyata Factory/UmenokiWarehouse
Certification body Intertek Certification Japan Limited
Certificate issue date December 17, 2004

Intertek Certification Japan Limited is a registration organization (Reg. No. 014) certified by UKAS.
 Registration Number: 02028

Environmental Policy

Okabe Mica Co., Ltd is committed to make contributions to the local community with the basic principle of satisfying both the preservation of the Earth's environment and business activities.

  1. 1.We shall promote resource conservation, waste reduction, and energy conservation in all operations.
  2. 2.For important items in which our business activities affect the environment, we shall set forth the environment purpose and objectives, and make the effort to achieve them. In addition, evaluations will be performed regularly so our progress can be revised as required.
  3. 3.Internal auditing and revision by the manager will be conducted regularly, for the continual improvement of our environmental management system and the prevention of pollutions.
  4. 4.We shall comply with related legislations as well as other requirements that we have agreed upon.
  5. 5.This policy shall be publicized to all employees as well as the public.

Yasumitsu Okabe
Okabe Mica Co., Ltd.
December 29, 2005