We specialize in heat-resistant insulators and fire-resistant insulants.


Heat-resistant insulation pipe

Heat-resistant insulation pipe is made by combining mica paper with silicone adhesive, and shaped in pipe forms.

Provided in a set with DAMMA washer for bolt insulation, it is used as the insulation collar materials for high-frequency induction furnace, arc fusion furnace, and other types of plant equipment due to its excellent insulation properties under high-temperature atmosphere. The inner diameter, outer diameter and length of this product can be customized according to the user’s specification.


  1. (1) Excellent resistance to heat.
  2. (2) Available in a length up to 1,000 mm. If you supply a shaft, we can deliver the shaft with this product mounted.


  1. (1) High-temperature insulation parts in induction heater, high-frequency induction furnace, arc furnace, etc.
  2. (2) Shaft insulation
  3. (3) Stud bolt insulation

Composition and standard dimensions

Symbol TD-GS82
Mica Mica paper based on uncalcinde muscovite
Binder Silicone
Reinforcement Glass cloth

Properties (general properties)

Item Unit TD-GS82
Inner diameter mm ≧φ6
Length mm ≦1000