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Discharge element

This is a discharge element that formed along the mica surface, on which discharge electrodes are formed on both sides of a mica sheet.

Having the mica sheet as the dielectric, high-voltage electrode is located on one side and low-voltage electrode on the opposite side.
One of its main characteristics is that it generates large volumes of ion.
Also, since the dielectric is thin and flexible, it can be attached to circular and cylindrical objects.


  1. (1) Generates ion in large volumes.
  2. (2) Since the element is flexible, it can be attached to circular and cylindrical objects.
  3. (3) Uniform electrical discharge across the entire length of an element, which prevents uneven discharge.
  4. (4) The element is thin which can contribute to saving space.


  1. (1) Static eliminator
  2. (2) Ion generator
  3. (3) Electrostatic charger

Composition and standard dimensions

Item Unit Discharge element
Dielectric Mica sheet
Discharge electrode SUS
Input voltage V AC 100
Size mm t0.1×8×300
(Dimensions and shapes are negotiable)


As an example of typical property, the electrostatic elimination performance of this discharged element is shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1

・Measurement device: □150mm charged plate monitor
・Measured distance: 50 mm between element and plate
・Power: Standard power source (In-house product)

*The above properties are examples from tests, and are not guaranteed values.