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Reinforcement mica sheet for touchpadsD461S

Mica sheet "D461S" was developed for the purpose of reinforcement of a touchpad.


  1. (1) It has smooth surface and texture like glass.
  2. (2) It has excellent strength, and even if it gives a shock, there is no scattering of  fragment.
  3. (3) It has high conpressive strength and it is possible to design to thin and lighten the product for its slight curve and warp.
  4. (4) It is easy to process of cutting or machining or punching .
  5. (5) It is authorized UL94-V1 over 0.30 mm in thickness.


  1. (1) Thermal insulation for power transistors, etc.
  2. (2) Alternative for thermal grease

Composition and standard dimensions

Symbol D461S
Mica Mica paper based on uncalcined muscovite
Binder Epoxy
Standard thickness (mm) 0.30~1.0
Standard dimensions (mm) 600×1000

※The size which is not above can also respond.


Item Unit D461S
Nominal thickness mm 0.7
Calculated density kg/m3 2.5×103
Dielectric strength kV/mm >30
Surface resistivity Ω >1013
Permittivity 50Hz F/m 4.3
Dissipation factor 50Hz 0.7
Flexural strength MPa 540
Elastic modulus in bend GPa 110
Surface roughness (Ra) μm 0.62
Flammability (UL standards) 94V-1 (File No.E58537)

*Measured in compliance with JIS C 2116 and JIS K 6911.
*The above properties are example from tests, and are not guaranteed values.